Health Insurance

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Health insurance keeps you financially secure if and when you need medical, dental, and vision care. It also keeps you covered when you need any of a variety of other types of care. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for different forms of long-term care, health insurance can prevent you from paying unnecessary out-of-pocket costs. At Yewell Insurance Agency, Inc., we offer premium health coverage plans that meet your individual needs and match your budget.

Our agents have more than seven decades of experience. They know insurance dynamics and the needs of individuals in our communities intimately. They can create an insurance solution that keeps you covered under any circumstances.

What does Health Insurance cover?

Health insurance covers costs related to health treatments. These treatments include doctor bills, hospital stays, and dental work. In some cases, health insurance closes gaps in coverage, as with Medicare and some individual coverage plans. Whether it is an addition to existing coverage or one’s only coverage, health insurance preserves financial security when medical attention is needed.

At Yewell Insurance we provide health insurance plans that are tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. From individual and group plans to specialized packages that include dental and vision coverage, we ensure that clients’ coverage is complete and robust. To ensure this, we select coverages from our wide variety of coverage options, which include:

  • Individual & Family Health Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Dental Coverage
  • Vision Coverage
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Temporary Health Insurance
  • Medicare Supplement
  • Disability Insurance
  • Child Health Insurance
  • Prescription Insurance

In some cases, our clients need help choosing a form of coverage through the federal government. The healthcare landscape has changed recently, and healthcare is now required by law. We help clients navigate the legal landscape and enrollment processes to find coverage. In some cases it means simply providing services and in other cases it means providing coverage in addition to services. We’re happy to help no matter what the circumstances.

The needs of local businesses and the residents of areas we serve are easy to identify because we know our communities so well. However, we provide insurance solutions to individuals and businesses beyond our region. We get to know our clients no matter where they are. This changes a few things but it does not change the fact that selecting coverage can be difficult. Speaking with one of our agents can make the process easier and simpler. Contact one of our agents today to get started.

Why Yewell Insurance?

Whether you’re adding to existing coverage, transitioning to new coverage, or buying coverage for the first time, we’ll make the process smooth. We can help you develop a plan that gives you an extensive network of providers, preferred rates, no waiting periods for existing health conditions, and fast, accurate claims services.

Our services are consultative. This helps us get to know you and your situation. It also helps us develop a long-term relationship with you. This relationship enables us to ensure that your policy protects you continuously and that you’re satisfied. It’s a cornerstone of our services and is a reflection of our commitment to your ongoing financial wellbeing.

A policy with us means more than coverage and financial security; it means ongoing support and counsel. Our assistance with your policy and with claims does not end when you make purchase or when a resolution is made. If you have questions, need to change coverage, or need other policy-related help, we’ll be there.

Contact one of our agents today to find out more about your health insurance policy options.

At Yewell Insurance Agency, Inc, we provide health care insurance services near Carterville, Marion, Carbondale and the surrounding areas.

Other Health Insurance Coverage Options Include:

  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Medical Expense Insurance
  • Travel Health Insurance
  • HSAs